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Payment procedures for new customers

The following procedures are propositions intended to prevent fraud. Once both the customer and the service provider are each assured of the legitimacy of the other, payment may proceed on a more comfortable on delivery basis.

Proof of translation:

Upon completion of an agreed project, the service provider transmits a document to the customer that proves that the translation has indeed been completed - for example a watermarked jpg photo file of the translated text. The customer cannot use the file in such a format, but can verify that the translation has legitimately been performed. The customer then proceeds to pay, and will receive the translation in a more convenient format shortly thereafter.

Please note: Providing a "Proof of translation" document may be incompatible with certain types of project, for example translated databases.

Payment by installments :

The customer will pay in several installments upon delivery of sections of text. If necessary, the volume of each installment can be incremented. A typical first installment is 1000 words.